8 Ways to Upgrade Your Facebook Shop by Shopify

8 Ways to Upgrade Your Facebook Shop by Shopify

Interested in meeting people who like your business? Wondering how to drive more sales to your Shopify store? Here is how to upgrade your Facebook shop by Shopify!


A professional-looking and beautiful Shopify store can’t attract visitors and potential customers on its own. You need to advertise on Facebook, promote your store on social media, and come up with a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site.

Facebook is considered to be one of the most powerful social media sites, and integrating your Shopify store with Facebook is the best thing you can do for your business.

If you are interested in meeting people who like your business or if you are wondering how to drive more sales to your Shopify store, we have a few tips that could help you upgrade your Facebook shop by Shopify:

  1. Play by the rules: Facebook has specific policies that you need to follow. Did you know that Facebook reviews every ad before it is shown in the News Feed? There are some contents that are not allowed, for example, tobacco products, financial claims, drugs, adult products and services, and etc.
  2. Create a story: We all love stories. They help us remember things and that is why creating a story around a specific product will help the customer remember it better. For example, you can share your journey with your customers,
  3. Create a drama: In order for you to grab the potential customers’ attention, you need to create a little drama.
  4. Facebook Pixels are crucial: In marketing, data is kind and adding a Facebook pixel will help you gather that data. If you want to know how many people see your ad and purchase your products, you need a pixel.
  5. Build authority: Facebook encourages shares, comments, likes, and engagement. In other words, Facebook is the perfect place for you to build an authority. Engage with customers, show that you are an authority on your product.
  6. Retarget from short to long ads: You need to keep in mind that Facebook is not the place to focus on long ads. Short videos are recommended (the videos should be between 15 and 30 seconds). Also, if a video has too much text, it won’t be approved.
  7. Links posts to your Shopify store: If you sell gadgets, jewelry, and etc, you could also blog about tips and tricks. Make sure the blogs have links to your Shopify store.
  8. Boost your posts: You can promote your Facebook page with paid ads. This will help you build the Facebook channel and get more attention.

Strive to implement as much of this selling on Facebook via Shopify strategy and watch your online store flourish.

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